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Our company’s history seems to be the other way around – it started with a great product and later, as we wanted to share it with the whole world and explore the market playing by our own rules, we created the brand. And this is how our label This is BIO ™ was born almost a decade ago in Kraków, making us meet today on this website. Wonderful thing, isn’t it?

Everything started with a hunger for knowledge and the search for methods of caring for health that are as holistic as they are effective. It quickly turned out that despite the huge selection of products on the market, there was still a shortage of food and dietary supplements of the quality we had dreamed of. 

There was nothing left for us to do but take matters into our own hands! And this is how the idea for 100% organic superfoods, organic food and high-end dietary supplements  sprouted. Without a doubt, their composition and standard can now compete with world leaders in the health and wellness sector.

While building our brand, we focused on certain values ​​from the very beginning. We advocate for awareness, transparency and balance in every aspect of our business. We are constantly expanding our offer focusing on the high quality, environmentally friendly solutions. We can boldly and proudly say that we create premium products we use ourselves and we can recommend them to everyone.

We also care about green education – in cooperation with health and wellness specialists, we publish books and e-books about healthy eating, diet, popular health issues … and making money online. We run it at full speed and our library is still growing!

We are organic

Don’t panic, we are organic. This is BIO ™ brand products are manufactured in the company’s own production plant, which has the EU organic processing certification (certificate no. PL-03-003888), and is decorated with the Euroleaf logo. It is the official European certificate of organic processor, distributor and importer, and for us, a symbol of the highest quality and care for the composition of This is BIO® superfoods and supplements. For health, naturally – this is the slogan that we follow in our daily activities!

Just one click between you and our certificate


When we are producing This is BIO® superfoods we aim for maintaining them natural and balanced. We do everything to ensure that the raw materials, from which our superfoods are made, come from countries of their origin and from sustainable farming.

Our superfoods are a mix of flavors, aromas and health properties from around the globe! The products are 100% ecological, and at the same time meet the applicable safety and quality standards of Polish food law, in accordance with the relevant acts of the Ministry of Health and GIS requirements. Each batch of the product separately has laboratory certificates of analysis, which officials verify during the customs and sanitary clearance of goods imported to Poland.

Meanwhile, the dietary supplements and high-class TiB® vitamins and minerals are manufactured on our behalf in specialized laboratories in the USA, European Union and Great Britain. The decision to cooperate with them was obvious to us! These plants not only meet all the current quality and safety standards of food production, such as GMP, ISO9001 or NSF, but also have modern technologies that allow us to maintain the highest quality of supplements with the lowest possible degree of processing.

We know everything about what we do and we never stop learning – our products are our passion.



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Cap Martin Sp. z o.o.
os. Bohaterów Września 82
31-621 Kraków, POLAND
NIP/VAT REG: PL6783173724
REGON: 369830276
KRS: 0000725599

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e-shop thisisbio.pl: (+48)509.656.635
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Showroom: (+48)515.641.218
CEO of the Company: (+48)506.040.787

Office and warehouse
Cap Martin Sp. z o.o.
Columbus Office Center
os. Bohaterów Września 82
31-621 Kraków, POLAND

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    Cap Martin Sp. z o.o. os. Bohaterów Września 82 31-621 Kraków, POLAND NIP/VAT REG: PL6783173724 REGON: 369830276 KRS: 0000725599

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